19–21.11.2019 Hygiene Passport and Cultural Meetings over Food

Welcome to a course for both Finns and immigrants, where we make food from Finland and other countries together. A special fellowship is created at the cutting boards, over the pots and around the meal we share!

The course is held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 12.30 to 4.30 p.m. On Tuesday we concentrate on the hygiene passport – first we get some lessons and then we write the test. On Wednesday and Thursday we concentrate on cooking. Wednesday is dedicated to Finnish traditional dishes and Thursday to international flavours. You can participate in Wednesday’s and Thursday’s programs even if you do not want to get a hygiene passport.

The language of instruction is English and Swedish. Hillevi Lasén is the course teacher.

Course fee: 50 €. Fee for the hygiene passport: 25 €.

Contact kurssekreterare@efo.fi if you have any questions. You can register to the course using this form: