Application & Fees

You apply to us by filling out our application form, which you can either download from our website here  or obtain from the school directly. You can also fill out the application from the menu above. If you do not have a study place for the coming school year – contact us!
Tel 010 327 1610 (Vasa Campus), 010 327 1601 (principal)
e-mail: info[at]

The application deadline for 2019–2019 is 31.5. However, if there are still study places available, we may accept students after that date. The school year 2019–2020 starts on August 19th 2019.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Fees 2019–2020
Weekly fee: 43 € (includes tuition, photocopies, Camp School, accident insurance etc.).
Fee for those who by agreement are studying 20h/week: 34,40 €
The studies are free for those who have an integration plan from the TE-office.

Lunch: 5€/day

Accommodation in the student residence:
• Per person sharing a double room: 30€/ 5 days
• Single room 50€/ 5 days, Full time: 350€/month
For those who have the right to Kela’s (the Finnish social security authority) housing allowance 88,87€ support is granted per month for accommodation in the school’s student residence. A very reasonable housing alternative! Study at Efo makes you eligible for a government study support allowance (Finnish citizens/permanent residents only). You can obtain application forms for these benefits from Kela.