Foto & IT


On the one- year Photo & IT programme we aim to provide all-round computer training. The programme provides a good foundation if you want to start your own business or if you would like to pursue further studies. Efo has a good computer room, with fast, modern computer equipment. No matter what your vision, ideas and goals are, good computer skills are important in today’s society. If you want to work with photography and photo processing – this is the programme for you!

We also photograph in a studio setting. You can complement your studies with optional courses from the other programmes at Vasa Campus.

N.B! The teaching language is Swedish!

Computers ”Driving License”
Image editing
Layout in InDesign
Business Studies
Bookkeeping/ Mathematics
Faith and ethics

Obtional subjects
Writing notes on a computer
Guitar group
Group work
Vocal Techique
Choir/group singing
Textile techniques
Creative crafts
Weekly activity