Background information

Our school was founded in 1926 and has has various locations in the past. Its present and final location in Vaasa goes back to 1942 and since that date many buildings have been added to facilitate a broad and varied curriculum. The school is owned by an association (Board of Trustees) and works on a Christian basis, in a close relationship to The Swedish Lutheran Evangelical Alliance of Finland (SLEF)

Map over the schoolbuildings

Location and environment

The school is situated on “Strand Street”, on the Vaasa coastline not far from the town centre. Right beside the school you will find a lovely strand path for walks as well as the city swimming pool. All the facilities the city has to offer are within walking distance. The new Vaasa Travel Centre (train and bus station) is also within easy reach. Along the waterfront near the school you will also find jogging/walking paths and parks where you can relax with friends.