Kreativt val

Creative field

This is the field for you who want to study three or five days a week during one year or just one term.
Take the chance and let the creative power in you flow and develop.
You have the possibility to use your imagination and your hands as well as learn new things in an inspiring environment, where you can be yourself.
Creative field – studies can give you new knowledge for further studies or inspiration for the working life. It can also offer you a period of time when you can participate in a relaxing social community, where you can gather inspiration for the future challenges.

The language used in teaching is Swedish but guidance in Finnish/English is also provided if needed. If you speak only English, we wish that you combine this course with Swedish language course.

Textile techniques
Creative crafts
Fine art

Additional subjects
Faith and ethics
Counselling care

Optional subjects
Language courses
Computer ”Driver’s License”
Choir/group singing
Guitar group
General music knowledge
Music theory
Vocal Techique
Sound technique
Writing notes on a computer
Weekly activity