Our music programme gives you the opportunity to focus on your music interests wholeheartedly for one or two years. Instruction takes place in small groups, therefore everyone has the chance to develop their musicality, whether you are a beginner or more advanced. Those who have played an instrument/sung before but have not been able to make sense of music theory will have a chance to understand the deep secrets of music theory in practice! Time is also allowed for creative work, such as song/music writing, doing your own demo recording, etc. Thanks to our collaboration with various music institutes and particularly Jakobstad’s ”Music House”, students can complete exams in theoretical subjects and performance at different levels.

Ever since our music programme was founded in 1971, many music teachers and professional musicians have started their career here. For those who desire to pursue further music studies, a year or two on this programme can give you the experience and maturity you need to qualify for a place at a music institute. Also those who want to pursue music as a hobby can acquire skill and find inspiration that will last. Music studies can also be combined with courses from other programmes. And of course, life at our school is much more than just lessons!

N.B! The teaching language is Swedish!

Music subjects for all
Main instrument
Practice hours
Music projects
Music theory
General music knowledge
Choir/Group singing
Faith and ethics

Optional music subjects
Group work
Sound technique,
(after –hours access
to the studio)
Writing notes on a computer, (Finale)
Free accompaniment
Vocal Techique
Guitar group
Second instrument,
(An additional fee is applicable)

Additional optional subjects
Computer ”Driver’s License”
Business Studies
Textile techniques
Creative crafts
Weekly activity
Counselling care