Do you want to learn Swedish in Vaasa?

  • Have you just arrived in Finland and want to learn Swedish?
  • Have you been in Finland for a while and want to learn more Swedish?
  • Do you have a vocational education and need language skills for your working life?
  • Do you also want to learn Finnish or do you already have knowledge of Finnish and want to learn Swedish?

In that case, Efo is the place for you!

To you, who wants to study Swedish from the beginning, we offer a basic course. If you already have a basic knowledge of Swedish, we offer you a more advanced course. In Finnish we offer two courses, a short one and a longer one.

At Efo you can also learn more about society and culture in Finland. At the same time, you will get to know people from many different countries.

Click here for more information about our different programs:

Integration in Swedish

Swedish at work

Swedish for unemployed

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