Language for foreigners

Our school is the place for you if you want to learn Swedish and Finnish quickly and effectively and also become familiar with the culture and customs of Finland. During an average school year, over 20 languages and nationalities are represented here!

Both Swedish and Finnish are taught at different levels and you can also choose from practical subjects, photography and music alongside your language studies. The aim of the language programme is that students will, after two or three years of study, be equipped to pursue further study in one of the national languages or to succeed on the job market, and so more easily be integrated into Finnish society.

Swedish 1, Swedish as a second language, beginners’ group
Swedish 2, Swedish as a second language, intermediate level
Finnish 1, as a foreign language
Finnish 2, as a foreign language
Society, culture and religio

Optional subjects
Computer basics
Creative Crafts
Textile techniques
Guitar group
Choir/Group singing

Language for Finnish nationals

The language programme for Finnish nationals is for those who wish to learn Finnish or Swedish from beginners’ level, or who want to improve their language skills together with students from other cultures.

Finnish, beginner’s or intermediate level
Swedish, beginner’s or intermediate level
Faith and ethics
Weekly activity
Textile techniques
Creative crafts
Computer, ”Driver’s License”

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