Swedish at work

Swedish at work

Do you have an education either from your homeland or from Finland and need to learn our languages in order to apply for a job? Or do you perhaps have a part-time job that can be combined with daytime studies? In that case you can choose either to study only Swedish (20h/week) or both Swedish and Finnish (20 + 5h/week). A part of the language studies is a course in Society, culture and religion, which also consists of a lot of Swedish.

Swedish, basic course

This course is for you if you want to learn Swedish from the beginning and already know the Latin alphabet. At the end of the course you should be able to manage more easily in everyday situations, understand the essentials of the news and produce shorter texts in Swedish.

If you study hard and also work in your free time, you can participate in the language examination at the B1–B2 level, which is required for Finnish citizenship. The examination takes place at Arbis and Vamia in Vasa.

Swedish, advanced course

You can participate in this course if you already have basic knowledge of Swedish and want to immerse yourself in the language. The course is helpful for either future studies, work or the language test at the B1–B2 level, which takes place at Arbis in Vasa.

Society, culture and religion     Basic course

You get basic knowledge and facts about Finland in order to orientate yourself more easily in our country.

Society, culture and religion     Advanced course

You get more advanced knowledge about Finland and skills that help you take part more easily in different activities in our society.


This course is for you who are eager to learn both languages of Finland. This course will help you manage everyday situations, understand texts more easily and produce short texts in Finnish.

Besides these, you can also participate in some of the following subjects:

Creative subjects
Computer science